Volume² – Advanced Sound Volume Control for Windows 10


Volume² 1.1.5 is third-party Windows sound volume control software, which has the advanced features to control volume by hotkey or mouse event, with on-screen display and real-time meter on the system tray, you can adjust the system volume with a better experience, and this program is free-to-use and running very well on Windows 10, no matter 32 bit or 64 bit version.

I used Volumouse on my Windows 7 computer for over 5 years, thanks to Nirsoft, he created the best Windows audio volume control app that supports rotating the wheel mouse up or down over the Taskbar or title bar to adjust the system volume in Real-time, especially the OSD (On Screen Display) gives a straightforward view of the status of the volume.

However, I have to give it up when I purchased an external display.

Why I give up Volumouse?

Windows 7 is somehow not compatible with my high definition laptop screen; I have to adjust the system resolution down to 1600 × 900 to use my laptop normally.

Nonetheless, I can’t take it anymore after buying an external Display, the system font looks very much zigzag, and finally, I decide to upgrade the Windows 7 to Windows 10.


The problem is, Volumouse isn’t looking good after upgrading to Windows 10, that’s why I give it up and embrace with Volume².


Volume² is the Best Alternative

Volume² has the outstanding features same with Volumouse, such as control volume using the keyboard or the wheel mouse;

Moreover, Volume² can do better! Let’s take a look at its vital features.


1. Left button click event for Standard Regulator, Playback Devices, Volume Mixer, etc.
2. Change volume for the system, active application, specified application, application list.
3. Adjust sound with mouse or hotkey.
4. Preset and customized OSD and system tray skin.
5. Volume changing speed switcher.
6. Support Multilanguage.

Volume² - Mouse event

Customized Skin is allowed on Volume²

Most importantly, the OSD and system tray skins can be customized completely on your own. If you are good at using Photoshop, to develop the skin whatever you like isn’t impossible!

OSD Screen

Tips: Enter to “\Volume2\Osd Skins\” can find samples there.

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Scheduled Task Feature

In Schedule section, you can plan to launch a specific application, set system volume, screen brightness, or show a message on the target data or time.


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Using Volume² When Watching Movies

Just imagine you have to leave the warm bed and jump to the computer, rolling the default volume control at cold season is quite frustrating.

In contrast, Volume² is convenient sound controller allows rotating your wireless mouse wheel while lying on the bed!


As you can see, Volume² can replace the Windows built-in volume control at all, with the advanced features, control the system volume over Taskbar, desktop, or anywhere on the screen can’t be a hassle.

Download Volume²

1.1.5 | Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP | Include Installer and portable zip

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