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Video Speed Controller can speed up, slow down, advance and rewind any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts. With this powerful weapon, you’ll stop being grumpy with those online videos in slow speaking.

If you are using Potplayer or VLC media player, while watching the offline videos, controlling playback speed is easy to perform, using the shortcut or find the speed control feature on the playback menu isn’t hard for you.

What if you are watching online videos on Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook? Can you find the video speed controller? No, many players don’t offer the video speed controller by either hide or limit the playbackRate or defaultPlaybackRate – the HTML5 video’s local speed control API, that’s why you couldn’t control the video speed.

In this article, we will show the methods on how to speed up the online video for Chrome and Firefox separately. Jump to the target section towards the browser you are using.

Why We Need Video Speed Controller?

An average adult reading speed is about 200 ~ 250 words per minute, while a native English speaker’s speech rate is around 110 ~ 150 words per minute, here you should know that, after training, like college students, they can read approximately 350 words wpm.

Then if the online video contains only 2.3 words per second, I am sure that many viewers will ask for a video speed controller to speed up to ~1.3x to 2x.

Just imagine that if you can read super faster, can you live with that long, slow video, and then waste your time and money?

How to Speed up Online Video’s Playback for Chrome?

There’s an easy way for adding an extension to your Chrome or Firefox to speed up the HTML5 video, such extension is called: Video Speed Controller, and below is the how-tos:

Step 1. Install the Video Speed Control Extension

You can find the Video Speed Controller in the Chrome web store, search for Video Speed Controller, you will get tons of the extension showing in the list. Then, which I am using? Try to get this video speed controller contains shortcut key.

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After that, install the video speed controller for Chrome and move the Step 2.

Step 2. Navigate HTML5 Video Website to Test

You can go to YouTube (example), and you’ll find out a speed indicator over the video (different extension with different indicators).

Step 3. Set the Accelerate Rate

This video speed controller contains two methods to adjust or reset the speed, rewind or advance the video.

Shortcut key

  • S – decrease playback speed.
  • D – increase playback speed.
  • R – reset playback speed.
  • Z – rewind video by 10 seconds.
  • X – advance video by 10 seconds.
  • V – show/hide the controller.
Tips: You can change the shortcut key to others to prevent being conflicted with some websites’ hotkeys

Frontend Speed Indicator

There’s a speed Indicator stays in the top-left corner of the video, to control the video’s speed, you can click the buttons «, -, +, », × separately.


Tips: Still, you can set the speed, rewind or advance level to speed up or slow down the video with specific numbers.

Other features

  1. Hide top-left video speed controller indicator by default.
  2. Remember Playback Speed settings in order not to set the speed every time.
  3. Set Blacklisted sites on which extension is disabled.

How to use Video Speed Controller for Local files?

chrome://extensions » Allow access to file URLs below Video Speed Control description

How to Speed up Online Video’s Playback for Firefox?

The author codebicycle also create the video speed control extension for Firefox, if you prefer Firefox to surf the internet, go to Firefox Add-ons and then install the extension with below steps:

Step 1. Open the Firefox Add-ons Window

You can click Open Menu and then Choose Add-ons, or using the hotkey, Ctrl+shift+a to open the Add-ons window directly.

Step 2.  Search for Video Speed Controller

Type video speed controller in the search field of Find More Extensions, and then click find the first one is created by codebicycle.

Search for-video-speed-controller

Step 3.  Add the extension to Firefox

Click the big blue button Add to Firefox and then click Add on the pop-up window.


Then using the Video Speed Controller to control the HTML5 video same as the steps on the descriptions for Chrome.

Tips: Please note that the Video Speed Controller is calling the speed API, such as playbackRate or defaultPlaybackRate of HTML5 video to achieve speed adjustment. Though, the extension won’t be compatible with those videos using the Flash player.

Also, this is the reason why the extension can’t be shown up after opening the Flash media video.

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  1. I couldn’t stand the slowness of voice, especially when I was watching the YouTube videos. There’s no speed controller for me to fast forward, what’s so lucky for me that I found this article, and right now I am watching the videos with 2.0X speed, everything seems perfect right now. I don’t need to bear with the slower voice gain. LOL


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