What is the Twitter GIF Size Limit and How to reduce GIF size?


Sometimes, the funny tweets with the animated GIFs enhance the tweet impressions and profile visits greatly. However, there’s a Twitter GIF size limit policy you should know.

Twitter fie size limit

This means, you can only upload the GIFs up to 5MB on mobile and up to 15MB on the web. Then what if the GIF size is over 5MB or 15MB? What should we do to reduce GIF size?

2 Methods on How to Reduce GIF size

Take it easy, I will show you 2 methods to reduce the GIF size without losing quality, one tool is for online using; It called: EZGIF, and this website is not only supported to optimize the GIF animation images, but can also help download GIFs from Twitter. The other method is using the software on Windows, Mac.

Method 1. Steps to reduce GIF size by using EZGIF

Pro Tips: You can also use EZGIF on your mobile phone to compress the GIF images.

Step 1. Open the EZGIF online GIF optimizer on your browser.

Step 2. Upload your GIF (Max file size: 35MB), or you can simply paste the image URL.

Step 3. After that, click on Upload button, and then, there’s a dropmenu for you to choose the Color Reduction, Drop Frames, Lossy GIF Compression, Transparency, Coalesce.

EZGIF GIF optimizer

Step 4. Choose the options or level to make the GIF file size smaller.

Moreover, you can also use the free GIF compressor on the PC / Mac to reduce GIF size.

Method 2. GIF File compressor – Batch Animation Gif Optimizer

Step 1. Download GIF Micro and install it on your Windows (there’s the portable version on the website), for Mac version, please try the image compress tool for mac – ImageOptim

Step 2. Launch the software and then drag all of your Gif files to the software, click on the Optimize button, after a while, the software saves the compressed GIFs on your desktop with a folder named: GIFmicro.

Step 3. Click on More menu to find more GIF options, such as resize the image size to get a better compression rate.

Tips: The GIF Micro is only for animated GIF compression, if you want to compress the JPG and PNG files in bulk, you can also try with the Mass Image Compressor.

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