How to Set the Reminder to alert us to Read the Starred Gmail?


We need to handle many emails from Gmail every day. Some are from friends and asking you to fix a website issue or join the party this Friday; some are from customers that are asking for the quotes of the electronic products you are selling.

Anyway, Gmail offers the starred feature that helps you tag the most important emails that you need to read primarily. However, we may have some works on hand that we have to get done right away, how to prevent ourselves from forgetting the starred Gmail after several hours?

Yes, we need a Starred Gmail Reminder System!

Take it easy; Google Keep helps you with that; several mouse clicks are enough to meet your demand. Let’s take a look at how to set the reminder with Google Keep.

Steps to Add Gmails to Google Keep

Step 1.  Enter to your Gmail and when you receive some important emails but you have no time to read right away, tag them in Starred.

Gmail Starred

Step 2.  Click on the Google Keep icon, it automatically adds the email link as a clickable URL, and what you need to do is type the necessary title or notes to remind you what is it.

Click Google keep icon besides the gmail

Step 3.  Launch the Google Keep Desktop version, click on Remind Me icon and pick date & Time. You can custom the timer you need and then click on save button.

Google Keep Desktop Reminder

Step 4.  Now, do what you need to do, but if you step away from the computer for a moment, don’t worry, try to install the Google keep app for iOS or for Android to make sure you won’t miss the starred emails.

Google Keep is available for making to-do lists and notes, and it’s also excellent for keeping you updated with some information you are afraid to forget. You can use it for collecting the knowledge you want from websites, jokes you want to share with friends, etc.

Don’t miss your starred Gmail and use Google keep right now to remind you to read later!

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