Snowfalling Live Wallpaper – Make Your Phone Snow on Xmas


The Christmas Countdown is started, many stores and restaurants begin to decorate the stores and play the variety of Christmas musics, which make the guest inside or the passer-by feel the atmosphere of the festival. If like me, want to enjoy the quiet but occasionally festive feel, you can download Snowfalling Live Wallpaper for Android.

Animated Wallpaper – Make Your Phone Snow

Snowfalling Live Wallpaper is an HD dynamic Christmas wallpaper program, which designed with a fantasy scene. A House that had only been seen in dreams located silently in the fantasy valley, a moon river runs through the front of the House, where stands on the bank of the river is a deer, it is wholly attracted by the song inside the house.

While the song is coming out from the house and seems to invite the deer to dance, the snow is falling and falling; everything looks quiet and beautiful.

Loving it? Let’s download it to let the snows falling on your Android Desktop now.

How to use Snowfalling Live Wallpaper?

  1. Preview and how to enter the settings

Launch the program and click Play button to preview the dynamic effect of the wallpaper, if you want to make some changes, click setting. You can also double-tap the screen to enter the Setting quickly.

  1. Music setting

Tick the checkbox of music will play the Christmas song.

  1. Light Setting

The light setting is separately for choosing the Window light, Roof lights and tree lights.

  1. Snow Setting

Snow section is for adjusting the snow speed, intensity, and direction.

  1. Set as Wallpaper

Tap the Apply after preview, and enjoy the best holiday live wallpaper now.

Download Snowfalling Live Wallpaper APK for Android

Google Play

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