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SDelete Gui is a free file shredder tool that uses SDelete of Microsoft Sysinternals written by Mark Russinovich. It can add a Secure Delete option to the Windows context menu, then right-click on your files to delete them forever in order to keep your privacy secure.

RightClick to Secure DeleteIf you are confusing that you have already emptied the recycle bin or deleted the files using Shift key + Delete, why somebody can still steal your info, you probably need to know the working principle of the hard disk file system to check out the reasons.

Especially when selling your computer to others, since you hand over the hard drive, the new users can still use data recovery software to find out your deleted files.

How can Recover Deleted Files?

Once you deleted the files from the hard disk, the file system just remove the “Addresses” of the data, let the data disappear from the screen. However, the main contents still exist and wait for the commands to be overwritten by the new files.

Though, someone may use third-party data recovery software to recover these existing contents. And if you didn’t aware that when selling your computer to other people, you’ll expose your privacy to others.

Then SDelete helps you.

What is SDelete?

Microsft Sysinternals team tends to help people delete files altogether, and SDelete is such a tool to make files unrecoverable. However, it’s just a command line utility requires you to type certain commands to delete the files manually.

As for me, I couldn’t remember every time of the command order; thus, I prefer an SDelete Gui. For Mac Users, you can read this: Permanent Eraser – Delete Files Permanently on Mac

How to use SDelete Gui to Protect Privacy?

  1. Download SDelete Gui from Github
  2. Download SDelete from Microsoft.
  3. Copy and paste the SDelete. Exe to C:\Windows\SysWow64\.
  4. Double-click the SDelete Gui.exe icon to launch, tab the Enable Button.
  5. Right-click on one file you need to delete, choose Secure Delete.
  6. The file will be overwritten by ten times and you’ll never get it back.

How to use SD Delete GUI

Remember no matter empty the recycle bin, using Shift+delete or even format the hard disk, files still not safe! Use SDelete Gui before handing over to your buyer.

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