Methods To Repair Word Document Full Of Garbled Codes


Summary: Sometimes, when opening a Word file, you might get a document full of garbled codes. What caused that and what can you do to fix this issue? In this article, we will recommend you three methods to repair the Word document full of garbled codes.


Overview Word Document Full of Garbled Codes

When a Word document opens with garbled codes, there may be a problem with the file format, the document may be attacked by a virus or malware, or the file may be corrupted. When you encounter Word with garbled codes, you will only see a bunch of unreadable text, question marks or symbols.

No matter who comes across this issue, it will be a headache. But fortunately, the problem is not insoluble. As long as following the methods below, you will easily solve the garbled codes problem of Word.

Methods to Repair Word Document Full of Garbled Codes

Method 1: File Conversion

Just convert the garbled Word document to another format, and then convert it back to the Word format to solve the garbled issue. The operation steps are as follows:

  1. Open the Word document with garbled codes, select File > Save As > Other Formats and save the Word file in RTF format.word-File- Save As- Other Formats
  2. Close the document, open the RTF document you just saved, and also select File > Save As. This time, save the RTF document in Word format.
  3. Last, close the RTF document and open the modified Word document.

Through the above steps, the Word garbled codes issue should be resolved.

Method 2: Reset Format

Word has the function of saving various file format information, which might cause the garbled code issue. So deleting the format information can repair the garbled Word document.

  1. Enter the garbled Word document, and click Document > Options in the menu bar.
  2. In the Word Options window, click Advanced, then uncheck the box of Use Smart Paragraph Selection and click the OK button.word-File-Options-Use Smart Paragraph Selection
  3. Create a new blank Word document, then select all the garbled content and copy it into the new Word document. When pasting the garbled document, remember to right-click and select Keep Text Only.

Method 3: Repair Word Document

When the Word document gets corrupted, you will also get a Word garbled codes issue. There are several common reasons that can cause Word document corruption or damage like file header corruption, inappropriate system shutdown, virus attacks, and incomplete download and compression issues.

At this point, you need a document repair, which can fix this error and help you open the Word document without any corruption. Bitwar Document Repair Software is a one-stop document repair software for Microsoft® Office suits, supporting Word processing files, Excel spreadsheet files, PowerPoint Slide Presentation files, and Portable Document Formats (PDF) developed by Adobe Inc.

In addition, this software is able to reliably and securely repair all data from corrupted files including text, images, hyperlinks, tables, headers, footers, charts, watermarks, etc. To repair the garbled Word document using Bitwar Document Repair Software, follow the steps below:

  1. Download Bitwar Document Repair from the download website and install it on your computer.
  2. Run the video repair tool and click Add Files to select the garbled Word document.document repair
  3. Click the Repair to repair the document.document repair
  4. After the repair is complete, you should see two repaired sub-files. At this point, click the small eye icon next to the sub-files to preview whether the repaired document file has been successfully repaired in the right File Preview window.document repair
  5. Select the most correct file, then click the Save button to save the file to your computer.
  6. Now, you can open and edit the Word document on your computer.
Note: Damaged original document file has more than two repaired files. Because during the repair process, the software uses different methods and directions to repair the file, resulting in two different repaired files. You can preview and check which document is correct.


The garbled codes of Word document files seem to be a headache, but the method is simple. This article introduces three methods to help you repair the Word garbled code issue. When you come across the Word garbled code, just follow the methods mentioned one by one!

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