Microsoft To-do app! Add to-do Lists to Your Desktop


Microsoft To-do app (Formerly as Wunderlist) is a cross-platform task management application that supports iOS, Android, Windows 10, Web platform, simple interface with easy-to-use features. Most importantly: It’s free to do lists software!

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  1. Add to-do lists to My Day to plan your whole day and the list starts empty each day, which gives you a fresh start.
  2. Smart Suggestions help you prioritize the most critical tasks and sort them separately into different blocks, such as Yesterday, Expired, Suggested for you.
  3. Set reminders and deadlines for your to-do lists in Remind me to ensure you never miss a beat.
  4. Share your to-do lists with colleagues, friends, and family to make things to be done faster.
  5. Sort to-do lists with various tags, such as importance, deadline, creation time, A-Z order.

Extra Features

  1. Custom theme background using pre-set images.
  2. Hide completed tasks.
  3. Support import Wunderlist to Microsoft to do.
  4. Integrates Outlook Tasks.
  5. Access Microsoft to-do from anywhere, such as iPhone, Android, Windows 10 and web platform.
  6. Support Siri, OK Google, 3D Touch.

Focus on My Day

Nothing will appear in My Day unless you add to-do lists here. Let’s say it: You need to focus on what you need to do on “Today”.


Simple Enough for using

No need to input too many entries, what you need is to create the list, add Emoji icon for the current task and then type steps to the list. If you think this should be done by today, add it to “My Day,” or you can tag it as “Very important.”

Set icon for differnt tasks

Download Microsoft to-do app

It supports desktop version on Windows 10, iOS and Android, but please note that currently, it doesn’t support for Windows 7 or Mac OS, you’ll have to use the web platform to manage your day.

Consider throwing your Wunderlist right now? It’s your choice.

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