Methods To Fix The Issue “Your Computer Is Low on Memory”

Summary: Do you usually encounter the Your computer is running low on memory warning when working or playing video games on Windows 10? Don’t worry. In this article, we will offer efficient ways to solve this issue.

What Is “Your Computer Is Running Low On Memory”?

In this case, Memory does not refer to hard drive space. It refers to RAM (Random Access Memory). That’s the fast working memory of your computer and exists as physical microchips, separate from the hard drives that permanently store your operating system, apps and data.

The message that Your computer is low on memory shows up as the computer has run out of RAM. It often appears when the Windows operating system and programs are approaching the limits of installed physical RAMor page files on disk, or both. This error means that your Windows 10 has low virtual memory because some programs take too much memory allocation. To resolve this issue, you have to free up memory.

Methods to Fix “Your Computer Is Running Low On Memory”

Method 1:End Process That Using High RAM

You’ll need to close any apps and programs on your computer, especially the ones consuming a major chunk of your PC’s memory. You can use the Task Manager on Windows to identify such apps and programs.

  1. Right-click the taskbar and click the Task Manager option. Or you can also press Shift + Ctrl + Esc together to open Task Manager.
  2. Click More details to see details about processes running on your Windows 10.
  3. Click the Memory column under the Processes tab to sort processes and apps by memory usage.Use-Task-Manager-on-Windows
  4. Right-click the app’s name and select End task to close the process that takes up too much memory.

Method 2: Run System Maintenance troubleshooter

Running the System Maintenance troubleshooter allows Windows to clean up unused files, and shortcuts and perform various maintenance tasks. You can also use this tool to fix abnormal memory usage on your PC. Here’s how.

  1. Press Win + S to open the search menu, type control panel, and press Enter.
  2. In the Control Panel window, switch the view type to Large icons from the top-right corner (if it isn’t already), and go to Troubleshooting.control-panel
  3. Under System and Security, click on the Run maintenance tasks option.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to run the troubleshooter and restart your PC. After that, the error should no longer appear.

Method 3: Remove Unnecessary Installed Software

If you encounter this error recently as you have recently installed some software on your PC, you can uninstall some new software to see if this error still shows up.

  1. Type Control Panel in the Start Search field to open Control Panel.
  2. Select Uninstall a program under the Programs section.control-panel-uninstall
  3. Right-click the programs you have recently added and click Uninstall. After that, you can restart your computer to see if this error has been solved.control-panel-uninstall-2

Method 4: Increase The Virtual Memory

One effective solution to resolve this issue is to increase the virtual memory. Virtual memory is also called Page File. Windows uses it in addition to the physical memory or RAM when required.

  1. Press the Win + X key simultaneously to open the quick-access menu.
  2. Click System on the menu and select Advanced system settings.
  3. On System Properties, select the Advanced tab and click Settings.
  4. Under the Advanced tab, click the Change option.virtual memory-change
  5. Then uncheck the box of Automatically manage paging file size for all drives.
  6. Check the Custom Size part and set the Initial size(MB) and Maximum size(MB) properly. Then click Set and OK.virtual memory-2

Method 5: Install More Physical RAM

Installing more physical RAM will be the best approach if the device in Windows 10 often runs out of memory. It is recommended to install more RAM when the installed RAM is less than 8 GB.

When you add RAM, install RAM in dual channels if your computer’s motherboard supports it. When Dual Channel is enabled, the original memory bandwidth is doubled. By the way, most modern motherboards are supporting Dual Channel Technology.


The above are efficient methods to fix the issue that Your computer is running low on memory. After going through this how-to page, you will be able to handle this issue with ease.

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