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Mass Image Compressor is free image compressor software and converter running on Windows desktop, which is easy-to-use and best for website image optimization, and of course, it’s freeware and ad-free.

When launching the, I used to compress JPG, PNG, GIF images online, and the compressed rate is always excellent, the speed is fast, everything is very well. Even I tried many other online image compressors to reduce image size for web; you know what? deserved the best.

Still, the downside of Tinypng free version only allows users to drag and drop to 20 images and the file size max to 5MB, that means if you want to compress more, you should go Pro version which takes you 25$ for one year per user.

Which means if you have more than 20 images, there is a problem. Don’t we have Tinypng alternative desktop version for Windows?

The answer is yes. Mass Image Compressor can do the job for you.


  • Reduces image size up to 90%
  • Optimizes all images in a folder
  • Allows to resize the image
  • Preserves image EXIF Metadata
  • Image Format supports: JPEG, PNG, RAW

How to use Mass Image Compressor?

  1. Download Mass Image Compressor and double-click to launch.
  2. Choose your photo folder with … button.
  3. Set Compression Parameters, the large number, the less compression, vice versa.
  4. Set Photo dimension.
  5. You’ll be giving the compressed rate from xxx KB to xxx KB, include a percentage.
  6. Click Compress All.
  7. Enter to the Compressed folder to check.

Well, the settings are dead simple; everyone must have no obstacles to use it. That isn’t our focus, right? And we would like to know the compressed quality made by Mass Image Compressor, do we?

Here we are! VS Mass Image Compressor

When upload images to, the compressed rate is automatically made by, the photo I am using to test is about 166.7KB, consider my low and poor host server, I can’t experiment with high-resolution photo and display here in this article. Sorry about that.

Result from

It reduced 43% in total, which gave 95.1 KB as a result. Nice!

Tinypng Compression Result

Result from Mass Image Compressor

I tried to switch the compressor parameters on Mass Image compressor to get the same file size with

Well, the final parameter was 79%, let’s take a look at the comparison.


You can click on this image to zoom in to check.

Pros and Cons of Mass Image Compressor

See with your naked eyes, I bet there’s no difference. But today we are focusing on image optimizer for web. Though, what can Mass Image Compressor do?

I try to reduce the rate to 69% of this photo, and the final size was: 76KB, can you find out any flaws?

Mass Image Compressior Result

For this time, Mass Image Compressor Wins, however, I couldn’t tell this freeware will be always the best in any situation, it depends, I have to say. You can test it under strict conditions, but to whom those don’t like to use image compressor online and are looking for the one can be used on Windows Desktop with batch compression.

You can try Mass Image Compressor.

If I really need to find downsides of Mass Image Compressor, I have to say the software doesn’t support drag and drop. Despite that, it deserves the best.

A Suggestion of Using This Image Compressor Software

The software set New Dimension in 70% and 80% in Compress Parameters as default.

When I used this project for the first run, I haven’t noticed it yet, and yes I got an inaccurate rate to compare with, thus, if you would like to keep the original dimension of the photo, enter 100 instead of 70 like above. If you want to resize the image, just set Fixed width or set in target number.


Download Mass Image Compressor

Sourceforge | Latest Version: 3.1.0 | Last Update: 2018-04-02 | Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10

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