Methods To Make A User An Administrator In Windows 11

Summary: A standard account allows a user to access the device and make changes that do not affect other users but to have full control over your Windows 11 computer, its apps and sensitive settings, you need an administrator account. In this article, we will help you learn how to make a user an administrator in Windows 11. You can change a user account type from Standard to Administrator and vice versa in four quick methods.

Overview Standard and Administrator Accounts in Windows 11

There are two types of user accounts on Windows 11. When you create a new account on Windows 11, you have a Standard account type by default. A standard account is a limited type of account that can use existing applications, perform basic tasks, and modify system settings, as long as they do not affect other users on Windows 11.

Administrator Accounts have full control and autonomy over Windows 11 computers or devices. An account with administrator rights can perform anything from installing software and hardware to accessing protected system files, changing security settings, and performing advanced tasks.

Although the standard account can meet the needs of daily office and life operations, users must also have an administrator to manage other user accounts on their Windows 11 PC, including changing their type to administrator or standard.

Make a User an Administrator in Windows 11

Method 1: Change a User to Administrator via Windows Settings

Unsurprisingly, the most user-friendly way to change a user to administrator in Windows 11 is through the in-built settings UI.

  1. Press Start and press the Settings icon on the Start
  2. Select Accounts in the sidebar, then press Family & other users.Windows-11-Settings-Accounts-Family-Other-Users
  3. Press the expand the user and click Change account
  4. Choose Administrator from the list and press OK to change.

Method 2: Change a User to Administrator via Control Panel

Besides the new Windows 11 Settings app, the old buddy, Control Panel utility also exists that can also be used to change the account type of a user account.

  1. To change a Windows 11 user account type from Control Panel, open Control Panel by searching for it in the Windows Search.
  2. Now, tap on the Change account type option under the User Accounts category.Control Panel-change the account type -
  3. Tap on the user account that you’d like to change to administrator from the list of local accounts on your Windows 11.
  4. Next, tap on the Change the account type option on the 11-change-the-acc-type
  5. Finally, select Administrator and then click Change Account Type.
  6. The selected account will turn into Administrator. Now restart your computer to apply the changes.

Method 3: Change a User to Administrator via Command Prompt

If you are a terminal enthusiast, you can also use an elevated command prompt to change the account type from standard to administrator and vice versa.

  1. To get started, search for Command Prompt in the Windows search bar and select Run as administrator on the right pane.
  2. To list all the local user accounts including default accounts, type the command: net user, and press Enter.
  3. Then, type the following command to turn a Standard User account into an Administrator account and press Enter.
    net localgroup Administrators “Account name” /addchange-standard-account-to-administrator-account-in-windows-11-cmd
  4. Remember to replace the Account Name with the name of the User account. After pressing the Enter button, the Standard account will change to an Administrator account.


This article recommends 3 simple and quick methods to make a user an administrator on Windows 11. You can simply change account types from Standard to Administrator or vice versa using your Windows Settings, Control Panel, CMD. If you encounter any kind of questions, please let us know in the comments section below. Enjoy Windows 11!

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