2 Best Free Mac CPU Temperature Monitor Software


As I wrote the HWmoniter in my last article, which is Windows free software to monitor CPU temperature, hardware status, however, some of the users have sent emails asking for Mac CPU temperature monitor, though; I am willing to open this topic to introduce Mac CPU temperature monitor today.

We’ve known already that HWmonitor is one of the famous hardware status monitors; however, HWmonitor doesn’t offer Mac version, then, how to check CPU temperate in Mac then?

Don’t worry; I will introduce you the 2 Best free Mac CPU Temperature Monitor.

#1 Check CPU Temp with HWSensors


This free Mac temperature monitor is very similar like HWmonitor, once installed the software on your Mac, you can launch it by clicking the HWsensors icon in Launchpad, the app will then appear in the menu bar, click the icon and you can check CPU Temperature, Drive temperature, SSD remaining life, CPU and GPU frequencies.

Featured Setups

HWsensors supports Dark Mode, Click the Preference Gear > Popup > Color Theme > Dark.


To run it at login, tick Start HWmonitor at login.


Show the status in Menu Bar without clicking the HWSensros icon every time; you can drag necessary icons to Menu Items.

#2 Check CPU Temp with Fanny Widget



Fanny is like its name, can monitor the Fan speed and also check CPU temperature, most importantly, you can add a widget in notifications, or launch it as menu bar icon.

Below are the steps to add the widget, this is easier than adding the icon to Menu Bar.

Fanny - Add widget to notifications

Fanny can get information on current speed, target speed, minimum speed, maximum speed, number of fans, and CPU temperature.


Choose whichever the Mac CPU temperature APP you like, and use it without worrying about the CPU temperature is getting too high. Moreover, HWsensors even implement the fan control module, and Fanny can be added to Notification, that is also a better choice.

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