J2ME Loader – Play Classic & Free Java Games on Android


J2ME Loader for Android is an emulator that allows us to play Java games on the Android phone, the App supports playing most 2D games and some 3D games with scaling support (Mascot Capsule 3D doesn’t work), and it offers a virtual keyboard that you can set separately for each game.

Bring Back Old Memories

Do you still remember the funs of playing Java games on Nokia? Although the Symbian system no longer exists, playing Java games on Android becomes possible! Now, we should thank Nikita Shakarun, who is a Russian open source project programmer that developed this JAVA emulator – J2ME Loader for android.

App Download

Download J2ME Loader latest APK (Version 1.3.7) from Github.com or Google Play and find native language package on Crowdin.

J2ME Loader Games Free Download

Download best J2ME games from Dedomil and enjoy.

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