Instagram Desktop APP for Windows & Mac Still Works [Latest Method]


Instagram is considered one of the hottest photo sharing apps, which is free for social sharing. If you want to catch fans and harvest likes for your photos, Instagram is undoubtedly the best place to go.

With the development of the high definition phone camera, the users love taking photos by cell phone and sharing to social profiles, which means, most of the users only know how to use Instagram on phones, and that’s the reason why Instagram only offers mobile app for iPhone or Android, and they have great success in it.

Instagram Desktop APP for Windows & Mac Still Works

However, some of the users will also embrace themselves with Instagram Desktop App, who enjoys the program has faster typing speed and can add hashtags easier than mobile version, even, the Instagram desktop version can view the photos more clearly, and there’s no need to transfer the stored pictures again from PC to mobile, and then upload to Instagram.

Though, the Instagram desktop app is also popular among these users.

Almost All of the Methods Are Out-To-Dated

The fact is many blogs are teaching you on how to post on Instagram from desktop. However, nearly all of the methods are out-to-dated, such as using the developer tool in Chrome and then change the browser’s user agent to mobile. All failed.

Can you still have the ways to post to Instagram from desktop while all of the mentioned methods failed?

Don’t panic; There’s one Instagram app for desktop is still works! [Updated: 10th, Feb 2019, Ramme is still working!]

The Instagram Desktop APP named: Ramme, the current version is 3.2.5

Instagram Desktop App for Windows, Mac, Linux


Tips: Ramme isn’t an Instagram affiliate program, and it’s an unofficial desktop app, you should use it at your own risk.

How to Use Ramme?

  1. Download the version you like and click the setup installer.
  2. Click the Ramme icon from Desktop.
  3. Login with your Instagram account.
  4. Click Ins-upload or  Instagram-Camto upload photos to Instagram from desktop.
  5. Add Filters, write a caption, add necessary #hashtag, and then click Share.

What I like

  • Completely free and open source APP. No hidden charges.
  • Compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Sharing the stored photos from PC is fast.
  • Toggle Ramme to the system tray and single click it to display and hide.
  • No need to pick up the phone again.

What I Dislike

  • A JavaScript Error occurred from each startup and exit. [Won’t affect the usage]
  • The window isn’t responsive while uploading the photo to Your Story.
  • The shortcut hotkeys work only on Mac Desktop.
  • Can’t upload video.

Despite the cons of Ramme, if you only need a convenient way to upload stored photos to Instagram, Ramme is the ideal desktop app for you. But please remember that don’t use Ramme as SPAM!

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  1. After trying some non-working Instagram for desktop apps from other websites, I was thinking this is the last time to give a try from here, but the Ramme actually worked. Thanks so much!

  2. Now the Instagram login becomes available on my Windows 10 desktop; there’s no need asking how to post on Instagram from pc ever again! LOL, and you know, I would like to call it Deskgram, because this desktop app isn’t like Bluestack emulator to run the Instagram APP, it’s a standalone program can work excellently to upload photos to my Instagram accounts from my PC, but not my phone!


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