How To Fix A Disabled iPad?

Summary: Many iPad users have the experience that the iPad is disabled due to inputting the wrong password too many times. In this article, we will provide guidance on how to fix a disabled iPad.

Why Does an iPad Get Disabled?

In order to prevent others from illegally obtaining user privacy, Apple has set up a set of security protection systems. When an iPad user enters the wrong passcode six times in a row, the iPad is disabled for 1 minute, and if the wrong password is entered seven times in a row, the iPad is disabled for five minutes. The more wrong operations, the longer the downtime.

If unfortunately, enter the wrong password 10 times in a row, the iPad will pop out the message iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes. At this point, you can’t do anything with the iPad,  but luckily you can use the following methods to solve the disabled iPad issue.

Methods to Fix a Disabled iPad

Method 1: Restore Backup to Fix a Disabled iPad

If you have the habit of backing up your iPad data with iTunes before the iPad is deactivated, you can try to use iTunes to solve the issue.

  1. Turn on the computer where you backed up the files and update iTunes to the latest version to avoid errors during the restore process.
  2. Use a USB cable to connect the iPad to the computer, and select the recognized iPad in iTunes.
  3. Click on the Summary option in the left column, and then select Restore Backup in the Backup tab that appears on the right.
  4. Then, in the appearing dialog box, click the drop-down box to select the latest restore point, and click Restore.itunes-restore from backup

After that, iTunes will remove your iPad screen passcode and also resolve the disabled issue. The next step is to wait for the computer to sync the data to your iPad. If this method doesn’t fix the disabled iPad issue, use the following method.

NOTE: If some data is deleted after restoring your iPad, then you can use our Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery Software to rescue the data.

Method 2: Recover iPad to Fix a Disabled iPad

Use iTunes to restore the iPad to factory mode, which will clear the set passcode and solve the iPad disabling problem at the same time. However, this operation will delete all the data in the iPad, and the backup in iTunes cannot be performed when the iPad is disabled.

  1. Update iTunes on your computer to the latest version and turn off the iPad,
  2. Connect your iPad to your PC and open iTunes.
  3. Press and hold the Top button and the Home button, and don’t release the buttons until you see the Connect to iTunes screen displayed on the iPad. If your iPad has not a Home button, just long-press the Top button.ipad recovery mode- itunes
  4. Now, there will be a recovery mode screen on iTunes. Click the Restore or Update option according to your need.ipad recovery mode-recovery orupdate
NOTE: You are advised to choose a simple Update to fix the crash issue first. But if this does not work, you might have to choose the Restore option, which will cause you to lose all data. 

Method 3: Erase iPad to Fix a Disabled iPad

Using iCloud can restore the iPad to factory settings and clear the lock screen password, but you need to turn on the Find iPhone/iPad function before the iPad is disabled.

  1. Log in to with your computer and log in with your Apple account and password.
  2. Select the iPad that needs to be factory reset.
  3. Then the interface will show the map location of your iPad, click the Erase iPad option.erase-ipad-on-find-my

Method 4: Contact Apple Technical Suppor

If none of the above methods resolve the disabled iPad issue, we suggest you contact the Apple Store for technical support. iPads within the guarantee period can also enjoy free technical support, and if not, you only need to pay a certain technical fee.

Method 5: Backup Data

Whether important data can be rescued after being deleted is the most concerning issue for everyone, so if you do not want to lose important files, you need to always back up data to avoid data loss in the accident event.

At the same time, when you fix a disabled iPad, the iTunes Restore Backup may not be successful, so it is recommended that you use our Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery Software to back up the iPad data.

Download and Install the Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery software from Bitwarsoft Download Center to your computer.

Connect your iPad to the PC and Open the software.bitwar iphone data recovery 1 Select the File types that you want to get back or backup and click Start Scan. iphone data recovery 2-file type Preview the scan results and click the Recover to Computer button to retrieve the files to your PC.bitwar iphone data recovery 3-preview

Friendly Reminder

This article introduces you to four methods to fix your disabled iPad when inputting the wrong password too many times and the best and easiest method to protect your important data. But the most effective way to prevent problems is to avoid complex passwords or to write them down.

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