How to use Google Keep as a Web Clipper?


To save the web page we need; we have 5 best ways to save the contents for offline viewing.  What if we need to save the contents to a place and it is available for viewing on different devices?

Simply put, we need to save the web page on our PC / Mac and check the contents from Android or iPhone.  Indeed, Google keep is also a better solution for meeting this demand; I will show you how to use Google Keep as a Web Clipper in this article.

New to Google keep and don’t know how to use it? You can check this article to understand how to use Google Keep.

Steps to Use Google Keep as a Web Clipper

Step 1.  Download the Google keep Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store.

Step 2.  Login with your Google account after installation.

Step 3.  Go to the website you want to save.

Step 4.  Hold your left button of the mouse and select the contents you want to save.

Step 5.  Click on the Google keep button on the extension menu, and you will find the selected contents have been saved there.

Save selected contents by Google Keep

As Google Keep has synced the contents, you can enjoy your reading on your mobile phone now!

No matter what you are interested in saving for later viewing, a Google Keep desktop version for Windows or Mac is the better choice for you to use Google Keep easily and quickly on your desktop, or if you want to arrange your days and add notes for giving you the alerts to warn you what to do next, Google calendar desktop is your another better option.

Right now, follow the tips mentioned above to install the extension for your Chrome, and save the webpage for later viewing on your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone.

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