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Google Keep – Best free task management software I ever saw, actually, it’s not only for managing daily to-do lists, but it also supports to add drawings, images, notes, checklists with cute background color, however, it only works on Google Chrome browser, Android, iPhone, and yes, no official desktop version. But, Don’t worry, here are two Google Keep Desktop Editions you can use without extra setups.

If you are looking for Google Keep for Desktop, I have to say Google doesn’t offer such desktop client officially yet, however, using Google Keep on your Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac or Linux desktop isn’t a dream.

With below two unofficial Google Keep Desktop Editions, you can easily take notes, make to-do lists, save the webpage for later viewing, set reminders for starred Gmail on your DESKTOP!

Moreover, use it as a Desktop Sticky Note App!

Hurry up, Let’s find out how to use Google Keep on the Desktop without hassles, most importantly, NO NEED EXTRA SETUPS!

Just download the Portable Google Keep Desktop Edition from Github, decompress the zip file, launch the app, and then login with your Google account. That’s all!

Notes: These two keep for desktop versions aren’t affiliated program of Google Keep, and also not the official editions, please take your own risk while using these two versions.

1. A much-like Desktop Sticky Note APP


Google Keep Desktop Edition - Sticky Note
For Windows

This Keep Desktop App for Windows / Mac was created by rhyswilliamsza; the current software version is 1.0.0

What I like:

  • The window can be shrunk as small as a Sticky Note type.

What I Dislike:

  • The Mac version is having issues with the login typing bar, flicks all the time. I would suggest you use the second one if you are using Mac OSX.

2. Another Desktop Edition with Shortcut Key


For Mac OSX

Another Desktop Client for Windows, Mac, and Linux, packaged with Electron, the project created by andrepolischuk. Current Version: 0.1.5

What I like:

  • Toggle to the full screen using Hotkey: Ctrl+H
  • Open Notes, Reminders, Archive, Trash using: Ctrl+1/2/3/4 (For Windows)
  • Remember window size and position.
  • Better use experience in Mac OSX.

If you are new to Google Keep, follow the below steps to use it.

How to use Google Keep

  • Add image quickly by just copy and paste.
  • Take a note with or without Show checkboxes.
  • Jot down ideas or thoughts, mind map with Add drawing.
  • Group the notes or to-do lists by add label.
  • Stick the notes or to-do lists at the top by Pin Note.
  • Share lists with your collaborator, friend and family to make things done faster.
  • Set time and place reminders from Remind Me.
  • Set various note background color by Change Color.
  • Search notes or lists with created topics.

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Launch Google Keep Desktop on Startup

  1. Send Google Keep Desktop Edition to Desktop Shortcut.
  2. Press Windows Key + R to open RUN command.
  3. Type Shell:Startup and then click OK.
  4. Drag the Shortcut icon(.lnk) to Startup Window.
  5. Restart the Windows 10 and check whether it starts automatically or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Google Keep have reminders and How do I use it?

A: Of course, Google Keep is designed to help users make to-do lists, and a reminder feature is a must option that you can use to warn you what to do at pickable date and time. Steps to use the Google Keep Reminders by finding the Remind on your note.

Google Keep Reminders

Google Keep for Android, iPhone, Chrome, and Firefox

Can’t find the best Google Keep Desktop app for Windows 10, Mac, Linux? I suggest using one of the above-mentioned Google Keep Desktop editions, which is simple enough, no need extra setup, no need to ask too many how-tos.

Just download and enjoy it!

Tips: Pin the Google Keep Desktop on the Taskbar to launch it more quickly or run it on startup.

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  1. Thank you Osjoy for your recommendation. Truly appreciate it and it brings a lot of convenience with this app on my desktop!

  2. Google Keep is always an excellent app for saving brainstorms and synchronize among my PC and Android. I could now check in these two devices to refresh my ideas. Thanks for introducing the keep desktop version for us!

  3. Thank you very much, I have been looking for an app that can run in Mac desktop for a long time, and the app works very well in my Mac, I love it! BTW, I am using the second one.

    • Hi, Tor, I recommend you to use the second one: Another Desktop Edition with Shortcut Key, this Mac version is better using and supporting hotkeys, it runs perfectly in my virtual Mac OSX with hotkeys, and the first one is having issues with the login window (login typing bar is missing while your cursor moving to there position, it flicks all the time).

    • Hi, Janis, as Google Keep isn’t for offline usage, though you can’t use these apps offline. If you want to make to-do lists using without network access, I recommend you to use Joplin, which is open source software with notes, to-do lists taking features. However, For Google Keep, the best point is you can use it to sync data among various platforms.

  4. This is a nice Google keep desktop widget for my Windows 10, I don’t need again to keep opening the Chrome and login in, what I did is directly download the program and sent the shortcut to desktop, and after that, pin to my taskbar. I prefer this kind of solution; no need me to perform too many operations in Chrome. LOL

    • Sorry, I don’t have the computer using XP right now, hence, I can’t tell the application whether can be used on Windows XP or not. You can download and test it. Thanks.

  5. I’ve been looking for this keep desktop edition for months, the only reason why I need the desktop edition is I always close the Chrome unconsciously, and the Keep closed either, I tried to find the stand-alone version can work on my desktop, it’s a pity that some of the online tutorials told me how to create a desktop shortcut, But I just couldn’t follow, yeah, I am not good at that.

    I was lucky that I found this program – A Simple enough app that I only need to launch it and login with my Google account, That’s all.

    I couldn’t tell which one is the best; I downloaded the one from the first link. And I don’t think I will take my time to test the second one; it’s a stand-alone browser, whether the application can work on the desktop and won’t be closed in an accident, that’s enough.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jimmy, I also like the application which is the stand-alone one so that I won’t close it either. And this is the reason why people love Sticky Note.

  6. The Logo of the version which created by andrepolischuk isn’t good looking though, why the author couldn’t find a better-looking icon? Despite that, this version is better.

    • Tim, that’s not a big deal if you can change the icon, LOL, send the shortcut the desktop and right-click on the icon to change the one you like, that’s it.

  7. Hi, I tested two of these desktop versions of Google Keep, the first one is much more like a sticky note, as the window can be shrunk as small as enough, however, the second one allows hotkey, both of them are working correctly on my Mac, for me, I prefer the first one.

    Thanks for your sharing.

    • There’s no Sticky Note feature currently for Google Keep; however, you can pin the Google Keep Desktop to the taskbar, keep it running as always, there’s someway a Stick Note works on your desktop. At least, you don’t need to open the browser again.


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