FolderChangesView – Get Back Forgotten Files in Seconds!


FolderChangesView is a file monitor software can work on Windows 10. When a file in the folder being monitored is updated, added, or deleted, you can easily find these changes in the FolderChangesView.

Have you ever had the experiences of being unable to find the vital documents, or when you would like to go over the family photos, but couldn’t see them where they were?

Yes, I don’t like the messy desktop, so I usually move the files in folders and save them in the disk gradually, but after several days, I may no longer remember where the files are located, or even the name of the data.

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To be frank, it’s awful that I can’t get back these files when I need. Thus, I do need FolderChangesView to monitor the file changes so that I won’t forget again where they were.

And indeed, FolderChangesView can do more for you, let’s take a look at how to use it first.

How to use FolderChangesView?

  1. Download the software, extract it, and then just click “folderchangesview.exe.”
  2. After launching the FolderChangesView software, a window will appear that asks you which drive or folder you want to monitor. Enter a path and press the “OK” button to start monitoring.
  3. The FolderChangesView window then automatically detects and then lists the files that have been added, deleted, or modified with the file name, Modified Count, Created Count, Deleted Count, Renamed Count, Full Path, and so on.
  4. Save the change log to the computer for future use.

There are more powerful features you can download to find out, the file size is tiny, only 76KB and can run as hidden from the Start. Moreover, it only takes up 4MB of memory resources.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about your computer run slow while it’s working.


Download FolderChangesView

Nirsoft | Latest Version: V2. 5 Release on Dec 3, 2018, | Runs on All Windows system

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