6 Methods To Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working

Summary: Many users are used to using wireless mice, because of the convenience. However, a wireless mouse is a little more complex than a standard mouse that plugs into the computer because they’re prone to interference and USB dongle problems. In this article, we will tell you the methods to fix a wireless mouse not working.

A wireless mouse is typically made up of a couple of components. The mouse itself will contain a battery and a wireless adapter, usually USB. The mouse sends signals to the adapter which forwards it to Windows to follow the command. It is a simple setup that works well most of the time.

Symptoms of a wireless mouse having issues will be erratic movement, the desktop cursor jumping or jerking around, the cursor not moving properly, or even not moving at all. All of these can be addressed with one or other of the following methods.

Methods to Fix Wireless Mouse Not Working

Method 1: Change the Surface the Mouse is On

Even optical mice can sometimes have an issue with the surface they are used on. It could be too glossy, too rough or not suitable. Try a different mouse mat, table, or even a book to see if a change of surface fixes the issue.

Method 2: Adjust or Change the Mouse Battery

Most wireless mice will have a compartment underneath that houses the battery. Turn the mouse over and check that the battery is still there, in good condition and touching the terminal as it should. Take the battery out and make sure it is clean and free from debris and put it back.

Some wireless mice have On/Off switches underneath to help save battery. Check to make sure that yours is switched to On and didn’t get accidentally switched off. Besides, we should look at changing the battery.

Method 3: Try Another Computer

If your wireless mouse is still not working, try using it on another computer. That will tell you immediately if the problem lies within the computer talking to your mouse, or if the mouse functions properly on another system.

Method 4: Update the Wireless Mouse Driver

One of the first things you do when you’re having ill-functioned hardware is to update its driver. Here is how:

  1. Press the Win + X keys, then click Device Manager.
  2. Expand Mice and other pointing devices, then right-click your wireless mouse and click Update driver.device manager- update mouse driver
  3. Click Search automatically for drivers.
  4. Follow the steps to update your drivers.

You could try a manual install if Windows doesn’t find a driver update. Navigate to the mouse manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver for your mouse. Install it on your computer and follow the instructions.

Method 5: Disable Fast Startup

Windows 10 comes with a feature called Fast Startup that allows the operating system to launch faster from a cold boot. However, it can also cause issues with wireless mice. Disable it and see if that helps.

  1. Press Win+X and select Power Options > Additional power settings.power options-additional power settings
  2. Select Choose what the power buttons do > Change settings that are currently unavailable.system settings-power
  3. Uncheck the box next to Turn on fast startup (recommended), then restart your computer.

Method 6: Update Windows 10

The latest Windows 10 updates contain bug fixes that can resolve various issues with your computer. It can also help when your wireless mouse is not working. If you haven’t updated your computer in a while, then do it now.

  1. Press Win + S, type windows updates, and select Open.
  2. Then, select the Check for Updates button and install any pending updates.windows update -check
  3. Additionally, select Optional Updates (if the option’s visible) and install any listed hardware driver updates.


Today’s article introduces the 6 methods to fix a wireless mouse not working issue, and you can apply the methods based on your situation. And if you have any suggestions, you are free to comment below.

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