How To Fix iPad Stuck On The Apple Logo?

Summary: Sometimes, users might come across the issue of their iPad getting stuck on the Apple logo and switching off automatically. Is it possible to fix it at home? Of course, here are some methods to try to fix the issue that iPad stuck on the Apple logo.

Why Is My iPad Stuck On the Apple Logo?

When your iPad is stuck on the Apple logo, something has definitely gone wrong with its startup routine:

  • Software crash: There is an internal software error that occurs when your iPad is updating or transferring data.
  • Hardware corruption: Maybe recently you drop your iPad or accidentally spill liquid on it.
  • Jailbreaking: Jailbreaking can disrupt iPad’s basic functionalities, causing iPad keeps showing the Apple logo and turn off.

Thankfully, there are several things you can try to fix the problem. Below, we’ve mentioned some easy methods to get your iPad back to running normally again.

Methods to Fix iPad Keep Showing the Apple Logo

Method 1: Force Restart iPad

Force restarting will not erase the existing data in your iPad, so you can operate without worry. Follow the following steps to force restart the iPad according to the iPad models:

  1. Press and hold either of the Volume button and the Top button until the Slider appears. If your iPad has a Home button, just long-press the Top button.force to reboot ipad
  2. Slide the slider to turn off the iPad.
  3. Long press the Top button until you see the Apple logo.

Method 2: Enter DFU Mode on iPad

Likewise, connect the iPad to the computer using a USB cable, and make sure that iTunes or Finder is turned on. Then enter DFU mode through the following methods:

iPad without Home button:

  • Connect your iPad to your Mac or PC, and open iTunes.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button on your iPad, then press and quickly release the Volume Down button.
  • Quickly press and hold the Side / Top button until the screen goes black.
  • Keep pressing the Side / Top button and press the Volume Down button for 5 seconds.
  • Release the Side / Top button, but continue to hold down the Volume Down button.
  • Release the Volume Down button once your iPad appears in iTunes.

To exit DFU mode, press the Volume + button and quickly release it, then press the Volume – button and quickly release it, and finally press and hold the Side / Top button until the device restarts.

iPad with Home button:

  • Connect your iPad to your Mac or PC, and open iTunes.
  • Press and hold the Side/Top and Home buttons on the iPad for 10 seconds.
  • Release the Side/Top button, but continue to hold the Home button.
  • Release the Home button once you see the iPad in iTunes.

After following the above steps to make the Apple device enter DFU Mode, iTunes or Finder will display the Recovery Mode dialog box. But unlike the Recovery Mode, the Check for Update option is not optional, you can only select the Restore iPad option.iPad-DFU mode

Then follow the prompts to confirm the operation and don’t operate iTunes/Finder and Apple devices during the process.

To exit DFU mode, just keep pressing the Side/Top and Home buttons until the device restarts.

Method 3: Enter iPad Recovery Mode

  1. Connect your iPad to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button, and don’t release the buttons until you see the Connect to iTunes screen displayed on the iPad.connect to itunes
  3. Now, there will be a recovery mode screen on iTunes. Click the Restore or Update option according to your need.ipad-recovery-mode-itunes
NOTE:  If your issues can very well be fixed through a simple update to your iPad, you can choose the Update option, which will keep all of your content and personal settings.  But if this does not work, you might have to choose the Restore option, which will cause you to lose all data. So if you don’t have a backup on iTunes or on iCloud, you had better choose Update first. 

Method 4: Contact Apple Support

If none of the methods above work, there are chances of issues with your iPad’s hardware. In that case, you can try contacting Apple support. You can visit the nearest Apple authorized service center to know more about the problem and get it fixed by authorized personnel.


When you are facing the iPad stuck on the Apple logo issue, reboot it first. If not working, restoring or updating via iTunes usually will solve the issue. However, if it also doesn’t work, you can try the DFU restore method. Ensure to proceed with caution, as some of these methods may cause data loss on your iPhone. But if the data loss happens, don’t worry, we have the best data recovery tool for you: Bitwar iPhone Data Recovery Software.

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