How to Find WIFI Password on PC, MAC, Android & iPhone


There are many passwords needed to remember, bank account password, system password, passwords for different websites; however, some passwords need to be used every day, we won’t forget them quickly.  However, some passwords rarely need to be reentered or changed once they’ve been entered, e. g. WIFI password.

Relax, today in this article; we will focus on 5 methods to find WIFI password no matter on PC / Mac, Android or iPhone and thus, you can easily tell your friends the WIFI password without any obstacles.

Below are the methods for you to choose the major device(s) you are using.

# 1 Find Saved WIFI Password on Windows 10

Step 1.  Right-click on the WIFI icon on the bottom-right of the taskbar, choose Open Network & Internet settings.

Open Network & Internet Settings

Step 2.  Scroll Down and find Network and Sharing center.

Network and Sharing Center
Step 3.  Click on the Connections: WLAN (Your WIFI profile).

WLAN Connections - Click

Step 4. Hit Wireless Properties.

WLAN Status

Step 5.  Turn to Security tab and tick Show characters. See, your saved WIFI password shows up.

Wireless Network Properties

# 2 Find WIFI Password on Windows Using CMD

This method is available for the users are using Windows 7, 8, 10. Only two commands are needed to find out the WIFI password.

Step 1.  Press WIN Key + R to launch the Run Window.

Step 2.  Enter CMD to launch the command prompt.


Step 3.  Enter netsh wlan show profiles to get the lists of the WIFI profiles.

Find WIFI Password using CMD

Step 4.  Type netshwlan show profile name=”your WIFI name” key=clear (Replace your WIFI name to the WIFI profile you are using)
Find WIFI Password using CMD (Key Content)
You will find out the WIFI password in the section of Key content.

# 3 How to Find WIFI Password on Mac

When you need to find the WIFI password on a Mac computer, it’s still easy for you to get the WIFI password and share to your friends.

Step 1.  Click on the spotlight search at the top-right of the menu bar.

Step 2.  Enter Keychain Access and then tab Password in the Category section.

Keychain Access

Step 3.  Find your WIFI profile and then Double-click on it.

Keychain Access password

Step 4. Tick Show password and enter your system’s password, and then your WIFI password shows up.

Keychain Access show password

# 4 Get WIFI password on Android without Root

If your Android phone has root already, there’re many WIFI password apps on Google Play that can be used to check your WIFI password, however,  as for some Android phones, it’s hard to perform root due to the closed OS environment, such as OPPO,  Vivo, etc.

Then, how to find a WIFI password on an android without root? The method is still not quite hard for you to follow.

Step 1.  Go to Setting, choose WIFI, and then find Router IP address. (Some Android phones may need you to change the IP settings from DHCP to static to get the Router IP Address.).

Router IP address

Step 2.  Paste the Router IP Address in the mobile browser and hit Enter.

Router Login

Step 3.  The browser will be popped up a login window for you to type the user name and the password.  Don’t know how to type? You can check it from the bottom of your Router, or you can visit this page to check out the default name and the password.

Step  4.  Go to Wireless Setup and find your WIFI password.  (Different Routers have a different section; just find the section related to Wireless or WLAN).

Router WIFI password

# 5 Find WIFI Password on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Despite finding the saved WIFI password on your router, do we have another method to find WIFI password on iPhone without Jailbreak?

The answer is yes, here I will show you in steps of how to find WIFI password on iPhone.

Step 1.  Go to iCould Settings and tab the Keychain.

Turnon the keychain

Step 2.  Turn on the iCould Keychain, and then go to Cellular, find the Personal Hotspot.

Step 3.  Connect the Personal Hotspot on your Mac.

Connect iPhone Personal Hotspot

Step 4.  Follow the # 3 Method to find the WIFI password. (Go back to # 3 section)

To tell the friends instantly the WIFI password, then the 5 methods as mentioned above can be useful for you to find WIFI password no matter on your Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac, Android & iPhone;

If you are the first time using the device, I suggest you bookmark this ultimate guide and follow the explained steps to find the WIFI password on your own, and then you won’t feel awkward when needing to share the WIFI password.

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