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Everything Search V1.4.1.922 is a Desktop Search Engine that can locate the files by name instantly, and can even search file contents (Words, Phrases) with rapid speed; this is a lightweight program but with great effect.

As we know the Windows Search doesn’t index all of your folders or files by default, thus, when you forget the file path you stored on the disk, using Windows Search should take about 1 – 30 minutes to find out. If you are tired of using Windows Search, why not try Everything?

What can Everything Do for You?

Just like it’s given the name “Everything,” Everything is the best desktop search utility that locates EVERYTHING for you; let’s take a look at how it works:

Index All folders and files in Seconds

When you are launching Everything software for the first time, it automatically indexes all of your folders and files stored on the disk. Generally, it takes only 1 second to index whole disk after a fresh new installation of the Windows 10, and for indexing 1 million files, 1 minute will be sufficient to process!

Save Indexed Records into Database File

Everything Search will save the indexed records into a database file, which named Everything.db, every time your folder or file gets changed; the software will update the database in real-time.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the file size of the database will be too big, as my computer contains 541,203 objects; the database file size is 25.6 MB for now.

Database Size

Locate Folders and files in Real-Time

Whenever you want to search for a folder or file, type the file or folder name in the search field, you’ll find out it can provide you the result effortlessly for every single letter you are typing. Amazing!

Everything Search - Best Desktop Search Engine

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Search File Contents

You should know that some document content fetch tools require JAVA runtime environment, while Everything Search won’t ask you to install, what you have to do is add the word(s) or phrase(s) into the Advanced Search.


To make sure you can fetch the contents as soon as you can, you’ll have to add filters, such as you would like to find Document in the file path.

Document in a file path

And set the extension to be .docx only.

Custom the extension search

After seconds, you can find the result shows in the list.


Multiple Filters to Shorten Search Time

Although this tool allows you to find your folders or files with insane speed, the software author seems still not very satisfied with this; he even adds several powerful filters and matches that help locate folders or files like taking a rocket!

4 Match Rules and its Hotkey

  • Match Case (Ctrl + I)
  • Match Whole Word (Ctrl+ B)
  • Math Path (Ctrl + U)
  • Match Diacritics (Ctrl + M)

8 Data Type Filters

  • Everything by default
  • Audio
  • Compressed
  • Document
  • Executable (.exe)
  • Folder
  • Picture
  • Video

Tips: Using the keywords and its relevant hotkeys can save you a lot of time!

Search Syntax and Regular Expression Supported

For professional users, you can use the Search Syntax and Regex Syntax on the Help Menu for searching. Check the syntax on the HELP menu.


Snapshot of Search Syntax and Regex Syntax

Big Difference: Support Preview the file

When using the Windows Search, you can only get a list showing the file with the name and path, especially when locating the document file, the only way for previewing is clicking-it-to-open, right?


In contrast, you will have no obstacles while using Everything to preview no matter the pictures or documents.

Locate Files from ETP/FTP and HTTP Server

This feature is convenient for users, who have more than one computer, go to Tools > ETP/FTP Server or HTTP Server (Based on your needs) > Enable ETP/FTP server > Click OK.

Then you can jump to another computer, launching Everything Search, go to Tools > Connect to ETP Server.

Tips: for more detailed setups, please refer to ETP | HTTP

Supported Languages

Generally, the software will read your system language by default, however, if you are willing to run the software in a different language, go to Tools > General > Select the Supported Language from the drop-down menu > Apply

Frequently Asked Question

  • How to Add Everything to the Right-click Menu?

Install the Everything Setup installer will automatically add the features to the Context Menu, for portable version user, check this tutorial: Add Search Everything context menu item to all files

  • Can Everything Work on Mac or Linux?

It’s a pity that the software is currently working only for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc. and can just search for files based on NTFS and ReFS

  • Does Everything Support Keep Search History?

Sure! Go to Tools > History > Tick the checkbox of Enable Search History

Enable History

For more FAQs, visit here: https://www.voidtools.com/faq/, if you have problems need to ask for help? Visit the forum and submit your question.

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Anyone who loves to locate the folders and files instantly, you can try this best desktop search engine – Everything, and it would be your best alternative to Windows Search for sure after using.

Although the software with the abilities to locate the files easily and quickly and even can fetch file contents once you forgot the path or file name; however, it still lacks an important feature, that is:

Doesn’t support the FAT file system, which means you need to convert the FAT to NTFS first, and then to use the software.

Despite that, Everything deserves the best tool for fetching files and contents on Windows 10. Just Download it and enjoy.

Download Everything Search

32bit Installer | Portable Zip
64bit Installer | Portable Zip

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