Methods To Fix Error Code 0x80004005 In Windows 10

Methods To Fix Error Code 0x80004005 In Windows 10
Summary: During using Windows 10, problems are often encountered with error codes and there are usually many reasons for these problems. Among them, error code 0x80004005 occurs when Windows cannot access a file or folder. In this article, we will share the methods to fix the error code 0x80004005: Windows Cannot Access Computer.

Windows error code 0x80004005 generally happens during a failed attempt to use a shared resource over the network, such as a shared network hard drive. And as said above, there are many reasons that can cause this error code 0x80004005, so we have come up with this list to help narrow it down:

But fortunately, we will provide several methods below. Please read the rest of the content patiently.

Methods to Fix Error Code 0x80004005: Windows Cannot Access Computer

Method 1: Disable IPv6 Settings

Enabling the IPv6 settings may interfere with this issue. One fix to the 0x80004005 error code is to disable your computer’s IPv6 protocol. Usually, you don’t need IPv6, anyway, unless you’re running an IPv6 network.

  1. Press Win + R to open the Run box, then type ncpa.cpl and click on OK.
  2. After the Network Connections screen appears, right-click on the network connection and click on Properties.
  3. Now, scroll down to uncheck the box beside the option Internet Protocol Version 6.
  4. Last, click on OK and restart your PC.

If this doesn’t resolve the error, then move on to the following suggested solution.

Method 2: Set NetBIOS Settings to Default

  1. Press Win + R to open the Run box, then type ncpa.cpl and click on OK to open the Network Connections window.
  2. Right-click on your network adapter and then click on Properties.
  3. Double-click on the option Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) > Advanced.
  4. Then choose the WINS tab and click on the radio button beside the Default option.
  5. Then, click on OK to save the default settings.

Once you have saved this setting, try to connect to the remote computer or try to share the file.

Method 3:Check the Sharing Settings

  1. Navigate to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings.
  2. Click the Private network and ensure that the option Turn on network discovery is enabled and that the checkbox of Turn on automatic setup… is enabled. Besides, make sure that Turn on file and printer sharing is also activated.
  3. Click All Networks and ensure the Turn off password-protected network sharing option is enabled.

If you changed the sharing settings, retest your share to see if it fixed the 0x80004005 error. If the changes did not fix the error code, move on to checking permissions.

Method 4: Check for Permission

You can adjust the advanced sharing permission of the shared folder, which should fix the issue.

  1. Right-click on the folder/drive you want to share and click on Properties.
  2. Go to the Sharing tab and click on the Advanced Sharing option.
  3. Click the checkbox of Share this folder and click on Permissions to modify the permissions.
  4. After that, select Everyone from the list of users and check the box beside Full control.
  5. Click on Apply and OK to save the changes.
NOTE: If you are trying to share a drive, you may not see the Everyone parameter in the list. In the above Share Permissions window, click on Add. Then write Everyone in the Enter the object name to select box.

Method 5:Check for Windows Update

If this is an issue with Windows 10 itself, you can try updating it to fix the error code.

  1. Press Win + I to access the Settings, and click on Update & Security.
  2. Then click Windows Update > Check for updates.
  3. If there are any available updates, you can follow the on-screen prompts to upgrade your system.

Method 6: Re-register jscript.dll and vbscript.dll

To be more precise, this method will attempt to fix the issue by re-registering jscript.dll (a library used when running JScript) and vbscript.dll (a module containing API functions for VBScript). Here’s a quick guide on how to do this:

  1. Type cmd in the search box and click on Run as administrators to open Command Prompt.
  2. Type or copy-paste these commands one by one in Command Prompt window and then hit Enter.
    regsvr32 vbscript.dll
    regsvr32 jscript.dll
  3. Close Command Prompt and restart your computer.


Windows 10 users can encounter the error code 0x80004005 in many situations, and many of them can’t point out the specific cause of the error. But don’t worry, with the help of the 6 methods in this article, the error will be resolved soon!

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