How To Disable The Monitor Speakers In Windows 10?

How To Disable The Monitor Speakers In Windows 10
Summary: Want to avoid using your monitor speakers? Then we advise you to disable them. Here’s how to disable monitor speakers in Windows 10.

Why Do You Need to Disable the Monitor Speakers?

Almost computer monitors come bundled with built-in speakers. But the sound emanating from the monitor’s built-in speakers is often weak due to the limited ability to bundle several features into one device. In that case, it is better to use external speakers or headphones for better audio quality. For instance, many users use Bluetooth headphones and never monitor internal speakers. At this point, you had better disable monitor speakers when using external speakers or headphones. Moreover, turning off monitor speakers is also helpful for privacy reasons.

In this article, we will show you how to disable monitor speakers in Windows 10 operating systems without ado.

Method To Disable the Monitor Speakers

Method 1: Control Panel

  1. Type Control Panel in the search box and press Enter.
  2. Click Hardware and Sound from the Control Panel.
  3. Then click the Manage audio devices option.
  4. Click the monitor speakers from the list of sound devices in the Sound Window.
  5. Click the Properties button, then click Don’t use this device (disable) under Device Usage and click OK.

Method 2: Windows Settings

  1. Press Win + I to open the Settings app.
  2. Then click on System > Sound.
  3. Click the Manage audio devices option under the Output section.
  4. Click on your monitor speakers and choose the Disable button.
  5. With that, the monitor speakers are disabled.


That is all. It is that simple to disable monitor speakers in Windows 10. Hope this simple and easy Windows how-to guide will help you. Besides, if you are stuck or need some help, leave a comment below or send an email, and we will try to help as much as possible.


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