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Clipangel is a multiple copy paste tool, an extension to the standard Windows clipboard; it records everything from Clipboard, such as Plain and Rich format text, images, link, HTML, files, etc. With the visual interface, you can manage the clipboard histories easily and quickly.

Sometimes, when you need to repeatedly copy a piece of text and paste it to somewhere, you’ll find that the Windows embedded clipboard has no way to save the history, so you’ll have to keep copying and pasting from one place to another.

Or when you are surfing the internet and viewing the different pages, we may want to copy some of the contents from these pages and save them in a place where we can sort it out in our free time.

Though, Windows clipboard isn’t as we need. What kind of software can we use? Don’t look around and waste of your precious time, Clipangel must be the best tool that can meet your requirements, and let’s took a look at the vital features to get clearer what it can do to help.

Features of Clipangel

Record the Source URL

Clipangle provides the feature for recording the source URL where you copy the contents; it’s very useful when you forget where you get these contents.

Clipangel -Record the Source URL

Save the text in a Rich format

Clipangel saves the text in Rich format when you want to insert contents with URL to somewhere; you can press CTRL+N to enable Show native text formatting for RTF and HTML clips.

Clipangel - Save the text in a Rich format

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Upload the image and Share

Whenever you would like to share the local or online photos to your friends, there’s still a way for you to upload image to web via Clipangel.

Clipangel - Upload the image and Share

Send the URL address to your friend when uploading the image successfully.

Edit the Original Contents

If you want to make some changes to the copy contents from a web page, press F4 (Edit clip text as plain text).

Clipangel - Edit the Original Contents

If the contents are too long, you should enable world wrap in clip text filed (Ctrl+W)

Clipangel -world wrap in clip text filed

Text Compare

Clipangel also supports Text compare feature while it is calling the external text program on your computer, such as Winmerge to compare the differences.

Auto-delete Non-favorite Clips on Exit

Enter the Setting > Other > Delete non favorite clips on exit can enable the automatic deletion feature allows to wipe those contents haven’t been marked as favorite.

Clipangel -auto-delete non favorite clips on exit

Reload the History after next Launch

Clipangel saves all the data into the database, and you can even reuse the contents on next launch, and you don’t need to worry lack security of the data, enable Encrypt database for current user in the Setting will prevent other users to see your private data.

Clipangel -Encrypt database for current user

Paste Multiple Items at once

Press Ctrl and select the items you want to paste, and then choose Paste from Clip on the menu, after that, the contents will be pasted automatically to the current text filed window.

Clipangel -Paste Multiple Items at once

Clipangel VS Arsclip, VS Ditoo, VS Clipdiary, VS Acetext

Why Clipangel is the best Clipboard Manager App for Windows 10, simply check below comparison sheet.

For more features, please download the Clipangle to use on your desktop or read the information on  Sourceforge.

Download Clipangel Portable

V1.66 | Requires .Net Framework 4.52+ (Windows Vista+/Server 2008+)

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