Link Grabber – Bulk Extract All Links from a web page


Link Grabber is a Chrome browser extension that can extract, sort, and copy various links on an HTML page in bulk.


  • Remove duplicated links by default
  • Group the links by domains
  • Display Block domains
  • Hide the links with the same domain
  • Support copy all links to clipboard
  • Filter the links by substring match

At times, when we are looking for some interesting videos, such as YouTube, what can we do to bulk extract all related video links from the same page? Well, it’s easy to do with Link extract tool, just follow with the below steps.

Steps to use Link Grabber

  1. Open a YouTube page you want to extract from.
  2. Click Link Grabber button.
  3. Turn to the new tab and enter the substring “watch?”
  4. Copy the URLs and paste in a YouTube Downloader tool to save the videos offline.

Tips: If you want to display block domains, enter the options to add domains.

Download Extension for Chrome

Link Grabber chrome extension is available on Chrome web store, however, if you are using Firefox, use Link Gopher alternatively.

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  1. I need to extract YouTube videos a lot during my spare time (To learn how to make Chinese food, 🙂 ), before finding this article, I have to bookmark all of the video addresses and copy to the YouTube Downloader one by one to get the real videos to be played on my computer. It’s frustrating and a waste of time, however, with Link Grabber, I could grab all of the videos I want and save the addresses to a file, I only need to make a schedule to decide which one is my next going class, and use Downloader to get it to be downloaded to computer for later watching. Nice extension and excellent article!


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