Antistress – Relaxation APP for Anger & Anxiety


Sometimes, playing mobile games are not only for fun but also to ease our pressure, especially when playing some simple and effortless games can also achieve the effect of relaxation.

Though,  Antistress is such app that specialized in collecting such types of small games for us to relieve the pressure.

Antistress is available for iOS and Android Phone right now, and the free version has 45 games to play, which are enough for us, in addition, the full version unlocks extra 22 games if you need more games.

Feeling nervous or needing a moment of distraction? Let’s take a look at how Antistress helps you Anti-pressure.

Games List:

  • Hear the sound of a bamboo chime;
  • Play with wooden boxes;
  • Swipe gently your finger in the water;
  • Tap buttons;
  • Draw with chalks;
  • Stone Jenga;
  • Light Switches;
  • Sharpening pencils;
  • Cutting carrots;
  • Squeezing toothpaste;

. . . . . .

No matter you are a business owner, a student, lawyer, teacher, governor, if you need to be pulled out from anxiety or pressure, Antipress is surely the app you need to install on your smartphone!

App interface:

After installing the app on your iPhone or Android Phone, tap the app icon to open it; and you will find that there existed a shelf that position the game icons, each icon is a single game for us to play.

Please note that the Quick Pack is the pair you should pay to unblock.

There are having more games needed you to explorer, most importantly, each game has its sound effects and vibration feedback, you can imagine that when you are playing the games, such sound effects are also an excellent way to ease your nerves.

Take your time and live a moment of diversion.

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