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I had my first computer in 2000, and the first operating system I used is Windows 98, I am not like other peers loved playing games on their computers, but instead was learning how to optimize the system to make it run faster, or buying software discs to test different kinds of software.

To be frank, since I owned a computer, the most I’ve done is constantly reinstall the system due to the virus attacks, Trojan infections or software crashes.

However, this brings me the rich experiences to use the software.

Nowadays, people don’t need to go outside to purchase the disc, with the fast network access speed; all of the software can be found on the Internet and can be downloaded in seconds.

That’s why I launched the OSJOY.com with honest hopes.

As you might know, OS is an acronym for the operating system, and I am hoping that everyone can use the OS with JOYs.


OSJOY.com is a non-commercial website that aims to help users select the best freeware or open source software, how-to tips, games for PC / Mac, Android, iPhone.

The primary target of OSJOY is not trying to publish the breaking news of the software, software updates, bugs, cracks, but instead is your first resource to find appropriate freeware program, tips, games for your particular needs.

Personally, I think the differences between OSJOY and other software download sites are:

  • I will not only to provide the download link but also the useful advice and guidance with necessary screenshots that took by me.
  • I am not going to publish all of the software as other software download sites do, all I focus on is helping you select the lightweight, free and non-cracked software.
  • I am going to shorten your time from making a choice on selecting the software you need.

OSJOY Navigation

  • Top-Picks: Include Editorial Choices & Top Picks the best free software / open source software, etc.
  • Apps: Offers Freeware (Free Apps) & Open Source Software for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, etc.
  • Tips: Useful & Step-by-step Computer How-to Tips and Tricks.
  • Games: Funny & Free PC / Android / iOS Games
  • Search: Type keywords in the search bar; locate the software you need, check the instructions or guidance before downloading the software, it’s easier for you to determine the software is whether you need or not.


If you like OSJOY and find it useful for your friends or colleagues, help to share the website to your social profiles with a link, or you can link to us in your blog, website, forum. Thanks.

Moreover, you can suggest software or contribute articles or reviews in write for us section, and if you are software makers owned your freeware, you are encouraged to submit the software/apps to us.

Need your Attention

That’s all; enjoy your time on OSJOY!

Reach OSJOY on Contact Us or on Webmail: [email protected] | [email protected]

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