6 Methods To Fix Error Opening File For Writing In Windows 10

Summary: When installing a third-party program on a Windows PC, users may encounter the “error opening file for writing” error message and fail to install the program. Then what causes the error and how to fix it? In this article, we will show you effective methods to fix the “error opening file for writing” error in Windows 10.


The “error opening file for writing” error usually occurs when you install programs like Steam, VLC, Wireshark, CCleaner, BSPlayer, etc. on a Windows operating system. It can basically affect any third-party Windows application and prevent it from installing. The issue could be that a previous version of the software might not have been uninstalled completely, another installation in progress might be interfering, or the version selected might be wrong. If you receive such an error message, here is what you need to do.

Methods to Fix Error Opening File for Writing

Method 1: Run the Troubleshooter on Windows

In certain cases, older software might not be fully compatible with Windows 10, and if that’s the case, you might get the Error opening file for writing messages while installing it. To fix this issue, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click the setup file of the problematic application and choose Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Compatibility tab, then click Run compatibility troubleshooter.compatibility-run compatibility troubleshooter
  3. Select Try recommended settings.
  4. Follow the instructions and your problem should be fixed.

Method 2: Run Program as Administrator

Sometimes, you’ll get the Error opening file for writing messages if your user account lacks certain privileges. The simplest solution for this problem is to install the problematic application as an administrator. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the application that is giving you this problem and choose Properties from the menu.
  2. Navigate to the Compatibility tab and check Run this program as an administrator.
  3. Click on Apply and OK.compatibility-run this program as administrator

After doing that, the application will always run with administrative privileges and you won’t experience this issue anymore.

Method 3: Change the Security Permissions for the Installation Location

You might be seeing the error message because the security permissions for the installation location you have chosen for it do not allow files located in it to be written by your user account. If so, you should be able to resolve the problem by fixing the security permissions for the directory you are trying to install the affected application. To apply this solution, you need to:

  1. Right-click on the folder you are trying to install the affected third-party program to, and click on Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Security tab, and click on Edit….app-properties-security
  3. Click on Users under the Group or user names section to select it.
  4. Check the checkbox for Allow next to Write under Permissions for users.
  5. Click on Apply and OK, then restart your computer.

Method 4: Create a New Administrator Account

If the Error opening file for writing messages persists, you might have to create a new administrator account and install the application on that account. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app, then navigate to Accounts > Family & other users and click the Add someone else to this PC button.accounts-add someone else to this PC
  2. Select I don’t have this person’s sign-in information and Add a user without a Microsoft account.add accounts-i dont have this person's sign in information
  3. Add a username and password for this account and click Next.add accounts-user name- password
  4. You should see the newly created account available in the Other people section. Select it and click on the Change account type button.
  5. From the account type menu, select Administrator and click OK.
  6. Now switch to the newly created administrator account and try installing the application again.

Method 5: Check or Disable Antivirus

Even though your antivirus is crucial when it comes to protecting your safety online, sometimes the antivirus can interfere with your files and cause this error to appear.

To fix the problem, users are suggesting changing their antivirus settings and checking if that solves the issue. You can start by disabling certain features and see if that helps. If you don’t know which feature to disable, you can always disable your antivirus altogether and check if that solves the issue.

Method 6: Reinstall the Problematic Application

If this error occurs when you’re trying to run a specific application, it means that your installation is probably corrupted, and you need to reinstall the application. There are several ways to do that, but the best one would be to use uninstaller software.


In this article, we have introduced 6 methods to fix the “error opening file for writing” error. Which method works for you? If you have better methods, please share them with us using email. Besides, if you have any advice, leave us a comment below.


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